Board of Directors

Dr. Ofelia M. Carague Founder and President Emeritus
Dr. Carmela S. Perez President
Dr. Victoria C. Naval Vice President for Luzon
Dr. Leticia V. Catris Vice President for Visayas
Dr. Ma. Eugenia Yangco Vice President for Mindanao
Prof. Doris B Gatan Vice President for NCR
Dr. Norberto V Caturay Secretary
Prof. Michael dela Fuente Assistant Secretary
Prof. Mely R. Luya Treasurer
Prof. Gisela May A. Albano Auditor
Dr. Cecilia S. Austero Press Relations Officer
Dr. Elmer C. Pascual Director
Prof. John P. Natividad Director
Prof. Flordeliz C. Garcia Director
Mr. Arthur A. Serzo Private Sector Consultant
Dr. Rosicar E. Escober Private Sector Consultant
Board of Advisers
Dr. Normita A. Villa Adviser
Dr. Irene D. Amores Adviser