Membership is open to all institutions and individuals particularly educational administrators, supervisors, instructors, prospective ICT educators and other ICT professionals involved in the improvement of ICT discipline and its application.



  • Individual Members — ICT educators and professionals.
  • Institutional Members — educational and non–educational institutions involved in ICT application.
  • Lifetime Members — individual or institutional members who are actively involved in the organization and who pay the required lifetime membership fee.
  • Sustaining Members — those who give regular voluntary donations or contributions in cash or in kind to the organization
  • Honorary Members — those given special privileges or conferred membership in recognition of their achievement or service in the field of ICT and related areas.



Membership Certificate

  • Membership I.D.
  • Attendance in training programs, seminar-workshops, conferences and conventions
  • Attendance in membership meetings
  • Newsletters and other publications
  • ICT Consultancy Services


  • Institutional Entrance Fee       Php 1,500.00
  • Institutional (Annual) Fee        Php 1,500.00
  • Individual Affiliate Annual Fee  Php  300.00