TechEd Updates and Research Conference

TechEd Updates and Research Conference

TechEd Updates and Research Conference


Technological Revolution in Education (TechRevEd) 2020 Series I
“Leveraging the Use of IT in Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Date: August 20, 2020
Venue: via Zoom

The PSUCCESS invites submission of abstracts for paper and oral presentations. All papers must be original and not simultaneously
submitted to another journal or conference. The abstracts should be in line with the general theme and topics on the following:

              • The Application of Information Technology
              • Internet Technology/Internet of Things
              • Data Science / Data Analytics
              • Hardware and Software Co-Design
              • New and Important Trends and Application
              • Educational System and its Application
              • Cyber Security and Safety


The recent developments brought about by the worldwide national health emergency caused by the COVID 19 pandemic has changed the landscape of almost all facets of doing things most especially those in the education sector and in research. Technology enabled us to do things in this millennium, much more, this has revolutionized the way education and other endeavors are carried out. PSUCCESS for the last five years has been conducting a series of conferences focusing on Technology Revolutions in Education (TECHREVED). This year’s conference is rather unique in a way as the “new normal” brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic necessitates doing things via the use of online technologies.


The following are the objectives of this conference:

      • To set a new normal standard of national research presentations;
      • To provide an available venue for research presentations and discussion areas where
        physical gathering is not possible; and
      • To continue and move on with the intellectual growth of PSUCCESS members in
        education and technology.


June 15, 2020Announcement of Call for Papers
August 7, 2020Submission deadline of abstracts
– Peer Review Committee
July 15 – August 10, 2020Notification of accepted abstracts
August 15, 2020Submission deadline of camera-ready full papers. (Edited, proofread
and formatted for publication already)
August 15, 2020Final notification of acceptance and invitation for presentation
August 16 – September
15, 2020
Lay outing
August 20, 2020Presentation (Via Zoom)
October, 2020Publication in the PSUCCESS Journal on Technological Revolution in Education (ISSN 2651-7353)


Abstracts should be submitted using the following format:

        • Title of Paper (in capital letters, Times New Roman font size 14)
        • Name of Presenter/s. Use * for the presenting author
        • Institution/Company Affiliation (including official designation and office address)
        • Contact details: email address and mobile number
        • Paper abstract (not more than 300 words, Times New Roman font, size 12)
        • Keywords (2-5 words)
        • Brief author’s biography (maximum of 3 pages)
        • Professional/ Government/ Company ID (should be valid/updated by the time of the Congress)
        • Abstracts may be submitted via Easychair (link:
List of Topics
Internet Technology / Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication
  • Communications and Networking
  • Interconnection Networks
Data Science / Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Data Warehousing
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Business Intelligence and Management
  • Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval
  • Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems
Hardware and Software Co-Design
  • Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded Systems
  • Computer Organizations and Architectures
  • Operating Systems, Software Systems, and Communication Protocols
  • Smart Card and RFID Technologies
  • Computer Components, and Digital Devices
  • Real-time Systems, Embedded Systems, and Distributed Systems
New and Important Trends and Application
  • Computational Science and Technology
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Health and Medical Science and Technology
  • Industrial and Environmental Engineering
  • Ecommerce and E-Government
  • Business Strategy and Information Technology
  • Case Studies and Experimental and Theoretical Evaluations
Educational System and its Application
  • Strategies and Approaches for the “New” Normal
  • The evolution of approaches to education
  • Computer Based Educational Research
  • Education and modern technologies, their positive and negative impact
  • Virtual reality worlds and education / Virtual classes and research rooms
  • Information Systems in Education
  • Social Media and Digital Collaboration
  • Educational discrimination and its impact on the future of the Students
  • Cyber Bullying and unhealthy psychological atmosphere in class: Its impact on the quality of education
  • Censorship and education.
  • Summaries, audio-books, and online problem solvers. Can the classical educational system endure this?
  • The authority of the teacher and its role in the educational process.
  • Alternative schooling: the main approaches and the results of it
  • Response to Intervention (RTI): how shall it work?
Cyber Security and Safety
  • The policy of installing applications to the phones and tables
  • Security measures in Windows, Unix and MacOS
  • Encrypting viruses
  • Loss of data and its restoration
  • Data encryption algorithms
  • The most prominent pandemics of cyber viruses
  • Social networks and digital piracy and security
  • Device synchronization and protection
Applications of Information Technology
  • Information Systems and Management Information System
  • Information Systems Planning and Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Information Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Performance, Fault Tolerance, Reliability, Security, and Testability


All submissions should pass a double-blind review and will be reviewed for technical merit and content for acceptance.


Accepted full papers will be in the PSUCCESS Journal on Technological Revolution in Education (ISSN 2651-7353)
Manuscripts accepted must be formatted using the ACM authoring template which can be downloaded at:
Papers are limited to five (5) to eight (8) pages, including figures, tables, and references


Presenters▫️ P5,000.00 each and will also cover cost of publication in the PSUCCESS Journal
▫️ P350.00 discount for members
Poster Presenters▫️ P4,000.00 each and will also cover cost of publication in the PSUCCESS Journal
▫️ P350.00 discount for members
Publication only▫️ P3,000.00
▫️ P350.00 discount for members
Participants▫️ FREE for members
▫️ P350.00 per participants for non-members

Payments may be made via the following:


        1. Deposit to PSUCCESS BPI Account No. 1971-0001-43